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Sericite Mica

Malaysia mined sericite is a natural fine grained mineral belonging to the mica group. Sericite is a fine grained mica, similar to muscovite and illite belonging to a group of natural occurring minerals. Formation of sericite is through the alteration of feldspars mineral in areas that have been subjected to hydrothermal alteration typically associated with copper, tin, or other hydrothermal ore deposits. It is a hydrated potassium alumina silicate with similar mineral composition and structure to kaolin. Hence, it has the characteristic of mica as well as clay mineral with SG about 2.6- 2.9. This unique Malaysian sericite has excellent smoothness with a very fine particle size. It can also be opalescent or completely matte.The addition of Titanium dioxide and iron oxides to mica is what brings the vast variety of colors available.

The crude fine clayare recovered from the ground by excavating itafter taking off the overburden which varies in terms of the different location. They are then further processed to various sizes of ground mica powder either through the wet or dry process.

Mica is used in industrial applications such as paints and in cosmetic applications, mould lubricant in the rubber industry, fluxing agent in welding electrodes and reinforcement in plastics.

It has been widely used in colour cosmetic products ranging from compact foundation to lipsticks by major leading brands in the cosmetics industry over the last 20 years. Sericite improves smoothness and adhesion to the skin so that make up can be worn longer without flaking and creasing.It gives consistency to colours with its relative transparency, making it applicable to all shades and adds a soft translucent sheen to the final product.

The Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures shows that it has the flakes, large aspect ratio, and smooth surface and is very fine powder.

Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures

INCI Name : Mica
Chemical Structure :
K0.5-1.0 (Al,Fe,Mg)2(SiAl)4O10 (OH)2

It has good elasticity, easy curving , good wear and tear resistance, good heat resistance of up to 500 °C, electrical insulation properties 200kv/Mm, anti radioactive and difficult to dissolve in acid or alkali solution which makes it very inert.

Typical Specifications
Silica (SiO2) 45- 55%
Alumina (Al2O3) 26 – 36%
Potassium (K2O) > 8%
Ignition Loss < 6%
Iron (Fe2O3) < 2.6%
Magnesium (MgO) < 2%

Applications of Sericite Mica